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Don and Hermina Burger, La Jolla, CA

Our home's renovation was inherently driven by its setting and the expansive outdoor view. The renovation suggests organic architecture that captures a view within a view; a living space that is fed by the surrounding gardens, the ocean and the mountains beyond. Walls of glass frame the outside view which determined architectural form. The home's architecture captures the surrounding views and announces what is to be experienced as one moves from the indoors through a seamless transition to the outdoors. The entire living space opens to the outside blurring the line between what is in and what is out.

The home is anchored by a sophisticated kitchen with the feel of fine furniture which stands alone as a work of art. Our kitchen grounds the space as 12 expansive skylights float above, strategically channeling light throughout the day and night, casting shadows and creating various moods. The kitchen's footprint remains the same but has become more functional as space was better utilized with functional modifications. It is best to say that the kitchen is art within art; the art of a stunning kitchen that resides within the art of "living" architecture.

This owner has found that living in a Wolf design/build far exceeds expectations. The design was built with the care that only the designer could provide. Wolf was driven to build his vision and fulfill his need of excellence. Beyond the fact of precision and quality construction is the reality that architecture ultimately "creates" us. The owner finds this home to be "alive" and "creating" the ultimate experience of sophisticated New York loft meets casual La Jolla.

L. Aylward-Bingman, Kaua'i, HI

About 15 years ago, my late husband and I went to Wolf to take our dream and make it into reality on our Kaua'i property. Wolf transformed our dream into a beautiful home. He was professional, very easy to work with, and over the years has also become a good friend. Were I ever to build another house, I would not hesitate to have Wolf do all of the work. I have lived in the house for 14 years, and still love it. The only regret I have is that we didn't bring Wolf to Kaua'i to actually build the home he designed!

Karen Potts, Solana Beach Bungalow

Not only is the design breathtaking but the execution is excellent. The project was completed on time and on budget. It is a rare find to have a Designer/General Contractor that excels in all aspects. I love the design! Wolf succeeded in taking a relatively small house and turned it into welcoming space full of light and nature. It is truly a joy to come home to this house.

I consider Wolfram Kalber to be perhaps the most creative designer I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

My wife Diane & I were very fortunate to have found Wolf in his first days as a new designer building his own business in San Diego.

Wolf successfully transformed our Spanish Tutor home on Hickory Street in Mission Hills into an amazing creative space to both live and build our business.

In later years we converted our house to a vacation rental that was featured on the ABC affiliate show, Sweet Retreats, as one of only three home chosen to represent San Deigo. Our house shined even more on TV and we were able to share it with folks who stayed there literally from around the world.

Our guest book is filled with compliments about the beauty of our home and the important occasions that were celebrated there.

We are looking forward to our next project with Wolf in the near future and would recommend that you do the same.

Toby R. Leflang
President TLC, LLC

Larry Kosta, San Diego, CA

Wolf pulled off a miracle! He took a negative “city citation situation” and turned it into the spectacular remodel I love living in to this day. Brilliantly, Wolf presented the city with an emergency permit (which it truly was) and processed it through the city in record time, savings months in the process and obtaining the permit within a few weeks. We were able to remodel immediately and resolve the situation, making it positive for all involved. I enjoy the amazing bay views which open up seamlessly, unobstructed, wide open to what beautiful San Diego offers daily. Wolfram’s knowledge and building skills surpassed all my expectations, finishing on budget and on time! Thanks Wolf!



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